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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social

We believe that the companies that perform best over time are those that build a social purpose into their operations that is as important as their economic purpose. 

Ever since our establishment in 1994, we have sought to inculcate responsible entrepreneurship into our fabric by engaging, even though in a relatively modest way, in making a contribution to the benefit of society and the community in which we operate.

Over the years we have developed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy Framework which encompasses four specific areas namely Our Environment, Our People, Our Communities and Our Customers.

Our services and business activity do not involve any polluting industrial activity and in the main are confined to harmless office work that can hardly cause any environmental damage. Yet, in our CSR policy, conscious of our social responsibility for a better environment, we have not overlooked the small contribution that we can make through the control of electricity and water consumption,  the reduction of waste and paper-work and the use of solar energy, thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the country. 

It is also our policy to support environmental initiatives and projects which are directed at the embellishment of the immediate surroundings or Malta’s general environment. 

In 2014 our company formed part of the award-winning EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project Partnership, a project co-financed under the European Community’s LIFE funding programme, aimed at identifying water saving opportunities.

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