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Sustainability Week - Cover Photo
Playing Our Part
We know that a little effort every day makes a big difference. At MAPFRE Group, we protect people and the environment today to ensure the future tomorrow.
#MAPFREsustainable #PlayingOurPart
MAPFRE Sustainability Plan
The MAPFRE Sustainability Plan allows us to make progress in our social commitment and strengthen the relationship with employees and stakeholders. The overall objective is to improve our company’s performance and show that MAPFRE Group will always be your trusted global insurance company.
MAPFRE Group Global Sustainability Development Goals
MAPFRE Group is committed to the protection of Human Rights and compliance with Sustainable Development Goals, which are included in our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. This commitment to important social, environmental and governance challenges involves a specific contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Its goals focus on protecting people, the planet, sustainable economic development and strengthening institutions.
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