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MAPFRE Group recognizes the importance of identifying medium- and long-term adaptation needs and developing and implementing strategies to effectively address those needs. A such, MAPFRE MSV Life has implemented several actions and measures to adapt towards the fight against climate change.
First and foremost, the company has made it its objective to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. Measures such as turning off the office lights in the evening, taking devices off the plugs where not needed and the use of water management and optimization systems have already been implemented. By paying attention to daily routine actions such as these, MAPFRE MSV Life can reduce energy consumption and make a positive impact towards the climate.
In addition to reducing energy consumption, the company has also implemented efforts to fight obsolescence by reducing the amount of waste being produced by the company. To achieve this, MAPFRE MSV Life has done away with disposable plastic materials altogether and has shifted to a more digitalized approach to the company's operations with the scope of significantly lowering the amount of paper waste being produced. The company has also opted for more environment-friendly and sustainable organizational infrastructures and equipment to be as efficient as possible, energy-wise. The new and improved equipment includes printers, air conditioners, laptops and tablets, screens, and the LED lighting systems within the offices.
MAPFRE MSV Life also promotes environmentally friendly ways of working, encouraging employees to work remotely from time to time and hold video conferences with both employees and clients to avoid unnecessary travel by car, consequently reducing the overall CO2 emissions being produced by the company.
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