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Savings and Retirement Plans

Savings and Retirement Plans

Many employers are now looking at ways of helping their employees save for their retirement.

MAPFRE MSV Life offers three basic solutions, all of which can be tailored to individual company needs:

  1. Educational Clinics and Workshops
    • MAPFRE MSV can provide internal information sessions and individual advice to all employees regarding financial planning for retirement. Such sessions have proved extremely popular as they provide details of State Pension benefit levels and helpful tips to ensure one’s standard of living continues beyond working age.
  2. Employee access to Group Personal Pensions
    • As a responsible employer you can help employees start to save for their retirement by simply offering them access to Personal Pension Plans through their place of work. Voluntary contributions are deducted from salary and paid into individual pension plans, costing the company nothing but adding a great service to all employees who might not have the time to visit a financial adviser to start their own plan.
    • Depending on the size of the Company discounts can be arranged on standard policy charges in order to create added value to your employees.
  3. Employer contributions to Group Personal Pensions
    • As well as giving employees’ access to Group Personal Pensions, employers can choose to contribute as well.
    • The Company can choose how much to contribute and can set its own terms and conditions around the plan, making it truly unique for your employees.
    • Examples of how contributions can be arranged include:
      • Providing a basic minimum contribution for all employees, but increasing it depending on set criteria; for example grade, seniority or length of service.
      • Matching employee contributions up to a fixed percentage of salary of say 5%.
      • Probation periods and rights on leaving employment can also be catered for.

Whatever thoughts you have for helping your employees live a richer retirement we are confident we can structure a plan specifically for you.

The Group Personal Pension Plans are collections of the Personal Pension Plan (With Profits) and the Personal Pension Plan (Unit Linked).

Group Pension Plans – With Profits

The Personal Pension Plan (With Profits) is a long term regular savings pension plan investing in the With-Profits Fund.

Group Pension Plans – Unit Linked

The Personal Pension Plan (Unit Linked) is a long term regular savings pension plan, offering your employees a choice of various unit linked investments. 

Workplace Saving Schemes

The MAPFRE MSV Life Workplace Savings scheme is simply a group of individual savings plans arranged under one scheme. The plan will be issued in the name of the employee and will be theirs to keep whatever happens in the future.

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