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Group Pension Plans - Unit Linked

Group Pension Plans - Unit Linked

Everyone is living longer and the cost of providing State Pensions is increasing. It is widely acknowledged that individuals have to take responsibility for their own future wellbeing and save sensibly towards a financially secure and independent retirement.

MSV Life offers a range of individual and group retirement and pension schemes which can be tailored to suit most situations, including employer sponsored schemes or voluntary group schemes, with a variety of investment solutions.


The MSV Personal Pension Plan offers flexibility and investment choice, as well as the opportunity to receive a tax rebate equal to 15% of the amount you save each year. 

  • Start saving for retirement from just €40 a month.
  • Apply for a tax rebate equal to 15% of the amount you save each year.
  • Supplement your state pension when you retire to maintain your lifestyle when you stop working.
  • If your circumstances change, you can change the amount you save, or take a break from saving altogether.

Under current legislation, you can start taking your personal pension between ages 50 and 75, at which time you can choose to receive up to 30% of the fund as a tax free lump sum, with the balance used to provide you with a regular income.

  • To build up a sum of money which will be used to provide a tax-free cash sum when the employee retires and a regular income for the rest of his/her life, in order to supplement the state pension. 
  • To help the employee’s retirement planning cope with changes in their personal and financial circumstances. 
  • To provide a cash sum to the employee’s wife, husband or dependant(s) should he/she die before retirement.
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