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Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy

Our commitment to privacy

The Data Protection Act (Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta) places obligations on users of personal data and lays down principles for fair and lawful processing of this information. The Act entitles you to be informed about the purposes for which we process such information. We consider it important to protect your rights under this Act. The purpose of this Data Protection Policy is to explain our practices and the choices that you can make about the way in which your information, insofar as it constitutes personal data for the purposes of the Act, is collected and used. MSV Life shall only process your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act and this policy.

Before and after inception of cover

We collect personal data relating to you directly from you when you fill in a Proposal Form to apply for any of our insurance services or products or whenever you make a change to your policy. We may further collect other personal data relating to you from our intermediaries, from other insurance companies, their intermediaries, as well as from insurance associations. Moreover, we may also collect any information that we may require about you, including sensitive personal data, from any member of the medical profession, hospital, clinic, laboratory, institution, bank, insurance company or any organization or person. When you sign the Proposal Form or any endorsement to your policy you expressly give us your consent to collect your personal data from the abovementioned sources and to process it in terms of this policy and the relevant Data Protection legislation.

All personal data that we collect will be held by us and processed for underwriting and internal risk assessment purposes and for any other purpose that may be necessary for the performance of the insurance contract such as for claim handling purposes and for the purpose of preventing, detecting or suppressing insurance fraud or insofar as may be required to further improve the service that we offer you. For these purposes we may also transfer such personal data to any third party in Malta and within the European Union. Any such transfer will be subject to the required confidentiality clauses and restrictions on any further processing of personal data.

Any information we may request about your family medical history will only be used to the extent necessary to underwrite your application or any subsequent application and it shall not be used to process the application of any third party including that of the relative whose medical history has been disclosed.

Material Facts and Sensitive Personal Data

All our Proposal Forms require you to disclose all material facts. Material facts are facts which, we as insurers, would regard as likely to influence our assessment and acceptance of a proposal for insurance. All our Proposal Forms include a statement which draws your attention to the consequences of failure to disclose all material facts. We also include a warning that if you are in any doubt about whether certain facts are material, you should disclose these facts to us.

Such material facts may include sensitive personal data which refers for example to such data relating to your physical or mental health. Access to and disclosure of this data will be restricted to that necessary for underwriting, claims handling, reinsurance, protection against non-disclosure and fraud prevention purposes. By signing the proposal form or any other form whereby you disclose sensitive personal data you expressly and unambiguously give us your consent to process such data as indicated above.

Direct Marketing

Unless you have otherwise indicated we may also use your personal data to provide you with information about products and services that we or other companies within the Middlesea Group of companies can offer and that may be of interest to you. Please inform us in writing should you not wish to receive such direct marketing material or should you wish to receive such material solely from us and not from any other company within the Middlesea Group. It is our practice to provide you with the option whether you wish to receive direct marketing material by e-mail. If you would like to receive direct marketing material by e-mail we shall use the e-mail address which you provide to us. You may opt-out from receiving any further marketing material at any time by notifying us with your intention in writing.

Your right to access, rectify and, where applicable, erase the personal data we process relating to you

You also have the right to request us, free of charge, to inform you about the personal data that we process about you and to request its correction where necessary. Any such access/rectification requests must be made to us in writing and must further be signed by you as the data subject. We do not always provide our policyholders with copies of completed Proposal Forms. However, if you ask us to provide you with any such copies then we shall comply with your request. We shall further not raise any issue under a particular Proposal Form unless you are first provided with a copy of the form.

We shall not retain your personal data further than is necessary for underwriting or claims handling purposes. However, such personal data may be retained for longer periods as may be required for compliance with other legislation.

Maintaining your personal data safe and secure

All appropriate safety measures have been taken to ensure that no unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure or destruction or any accidental loss of your personal data occurs. MSV Life will continue to update its systems and policies to ensure the ongoing observance of this commitment.

Maintaining your personal data accurate and up to date

We make every effort to ensure that all the personal data that we process about you is accurate, complete and regularly updated. However, should you become aware of any errors or omissions in respect of your data you are kindly requested to communicate the same to us in order that we may be in a position to effect the necessary amendments.

Changes to the Data Protection Policy

We reserve the right to amend our data protection policy should statutory obligations so mandate or should this be required to ensure our continuing commitment to protect your right to the highest standards. We invite you to consult this data protection policy from time to time to familiarise yourself with any changes.

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