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The MAPFRE MSV Abridged Chartbook is intended solely to provide information on the investment funds available for linking under the unit-linked products of MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c.

Investments in a currency other than the investor’s own currency will be subject to the movements of foreign exchange rates. The value of shares may rise or fall due to changes in the rate of exchange of the currency in which the funds are denominated. The information on the MAPFRE MSV external funds (i.e. those managed by FIL Investment Management (Fidelity), BoV Asset Management Limited, ReAPS Asset Management Ltd and Blackrock Global Funds)have been sourced from the respective fund managers (unless otherwise indicated).

Customer Contact Points
In this MAPFRE MSV Life Funds Chartbook We provide full details of the investment funds that We make available as permitted links to our range of Unit-Linked Savings Plans and Retirement Solutions. The fund fact sheets in the Chartbook provide, inter alia, details of the investment objectives, risk profile, top holdings and fund performance of every fund. As one of the leading providers of Unit-Linked Savings Plans and Retirement Solutions in Malta, We undertake to establish and maintain at all times, a wide-range of investment options for You to choose to invest in.  We currently offer a range of over 50 investment funds. All Our investment options consist of funds that are managed by external asset/ investment managers. This means that We are not responsible for the performance of these funds and their continued availability.  
It is Your responsibility to choose among the investment options offered, and to make decisions on the investments that are most appropriate to meet Your personal goals. The investment choices that You make have a large impact on the growth of Your savings. If You are in any doubt about which investment option (s) you should choose, We strongly recommend that You speak to an authorised  financial advisor.
MAPFRE MSV Life uses the name of the fund providers to categorise our fund range. We may change the range of funds available from time to time.
The International Securities Identification Number (ISIN), when quoted, is the unique identification reference of the underlying fund to which the MAPFRE MSV Life Fund is linked.  
This MAPFRE MSV Life Funds Chartbook is intended solely to provide the latest fund fact sheets of the funds included in the Chartbook. Upon request, We can provide more detailed information about any fund, including a copy of the current prospectus and Key Investor Information Document. 
If you would like more information on this Chartbook or on any of the funds you can email us at or call us on (+356) 2590 9000 or Freephone 8007 2220 or call at our offices at: 
MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c.  Head Office The Mall, Triq il- Mall, Floriana, FRN 1470, Malta
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