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MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c. launches New Reinvestment Special Offer

MSV Life p.l.c. acquires office building

MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c. is launching a new Reinvestment Special Offer that applies to all policies maturing between the 1st April 2019 and the next bonus declaration.

“We are delighted to launch a new Reinvestment Special Offer that rewards our customers for their loyalty through an increased allocation when they reinvest any maturing MAPFRE MSV Life policy into a new Single Premium Plan during the offer period,” said David Curmi, CEO of MAPFRE MSV Life.

Through the new Reinvestment Special Offer, customers reinvesting a maturing policy into a new MAPFRE MSV Life Single Premium Plan will benefit from an increased allocation of 1.5% on policies with a term of 10 years or less and an increased allocation of 3% on policies with a term of 11 years or over.  The €100 policy fee will also be waived on these reinvestments.  

The MAPFRE MSV Life Single Premium Plan is one of the company’s most popular life savings products with clients’ payments being invested in the MAPFRE MSV Life With Profits Fund which, with over €1.8 billion assets under management, is one of the largest funds of its type in Malta. 

“Our With Profits policy holders have the added confidence of knowing they hold a safe, time-tested and tax-efficient investment through participation in the MAPFRE MSV Life With Profits Fund - a conservative and diversified portfolio of assets that embraces a robust investment management process and which has delivered consistent returns that compare well with those achieved from alternative investments but with relatively lower levels of volatility,” explained Mr Curmi.


MAPFRE MSV Life declared a regular bonus of 2.35% for 2018 in respect of the Comprehensive Flexi Plan (regular and single premium policies), the Single Premium Plan, the Personal Pension Plan, the With Profits options of the Investment Bond and the Retirement Plan. 

MAPFRE MSV Life has also recently declared a Final Bonus in respect of the Comprehensive Life Plan (single and regular premium) and the Comprehensive Flexi Plan (single and regular premium), for policies that have been in force for more than 10 years. The Final Bonus will be paid on claims payable as a result of death or maturity between 1 April 2019 and the next bonus declaration, at a rate of 1% for every year after the 10th year of the policy, with no capping. This final bonus will be paid on the value of the Policy Account as at the date of death or maturity.

Further information about the new Reinvestment Special Offer may be obtained from MAPFRE MSV Life on freephone 8007 2220 or from any MAPFRE MSV Life Tied Insurance Intermediary. Details can also be found on the MAPFRE MSV Life website at

Returns from Investments in With Profits are free from tax in the hands of the policy owner according to current legislation.

MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c. (C-15722) is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to carry on Long Term Business under the Insurance Business Act, Cap 487 of the Laws of Malta. . Investment returns can go down as well as up and the past is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Changes in the rate of exchange of currencies may also affect the value of investments. If you cash in your Plan early you may receive less than the value of your Policy Account.

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