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SavviSave is nominated finalist in the 2019 MCA eBusiness Awards

SavviSave eBusiness Awards finalist 2019

SavviSave, the digital savings app launched by MAPFRE MSV Life in April 2018, has been selected as a finalist in the Best App category of the 2019 MCA eBusiness Awards. The short listing was carried out by a specifically setup independent evaluation committee.

SavviSave is an innovative, goal oriented, 100% digital savings product that was developed jointly between MAPFRE MSV Life and Munich Re.  It is designed to support clients reach their personal savings goals by providing a frictionless user and customer experience. 

David G Curmi, CEO of MAPFRE MSV Life said, “We are delighted to be in the list of finalists for the 2019 MCA eBusiness Awards with our innovative product, SavviSave. Our company is committed to play an active role in developing a stronger savings culture in Malta. SavviSave simplifies digital savings as no one else has done before and encourages people to save rather than to spend.

Customers are able to track the value of their savings anytime through their connected smartphone. Through the SavviSave mobile app, which can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Google Play, customers experience an innovative digital onboarding process. KYC is carried out exclusively on the mobile app interface.”


Mr. Curmi explained that through SavviSave, customers can take advantage of the potential upside of the global financial markets by linking their savings to an index offering diversification and dynamic risk management. 

Moreover, SavviSave provides the opportunity for clients to choose between different investment strategies, including the option to secure 80% of their savings or to select a safe harbour option in the form of a Cash Tracker Index. 

Customers are able to track the value of their savings anytime through their connected smartphone.

Unlike traditional savings products, SavviSave is as flexible as you need it to be, with the customer being able to deposit or withdraw money, through the app, at any time. 

More information about SavviSave as well as a link to download the app are available on

MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c. (C-15722) is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to carry on Long Term Business under the Insurance Business Act, Cap 487 of the Laws of Malta.  

Investment returns can go down as well as up and the past is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Changes in the rate of exchange of currencies may also affect the value of investments. If you invest in this Product you may lose some or all the money which you invest.  

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