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MAPFRE Malta supports International Day against Breast Cancer

MAPFRE Malta supports International Day against Breast Cancer
The company wishes to support those who are suffering or who have suffered this disease, which can ultimately affect both men and women.
When it comes to fighting breast cancer, early detection is key, and MAPFRE Malta is once again supporting this cause with a campaign that emphasizes the importance of this message. Even during the pandemic, prevention is still essential. This year, the company wanted to focus on two main messages for this global campaign – that breast cancer is not exclusive to women and also affects men, even though incidence is very low; and, the importance of carrying out preventive routine screenings. It is apparent that some people have begun to neglect their screenings due to COVID-19, however such measures are critical in order to ensure early detection of this disease.
MAPFRE Malta dedicated the entire week to raising awareness and providing information about several aspects of the disease which affect both men and women. Some of the salient topics pertaining to this campaign included prevention, symptoms, the causes of breast cancer and screening campaigns, all of which was disseminated to the staff through the company’s Global Intranet. The company also invited a specialist doctor to deliver a talk to its employees on how to detect the early signs to prevent both breast and prostate cancer.
Further to this, employees at MAPFRE Malta are also encouraged to join this initiative by carrying out breast ultrasound screenings, the cost of which is being covered by the company. “At MAPFRE, we care about the health and wellbeing of our employees. Breast cancer is easily one of the most common types of cancer. Though, it goes without saying that an early diagnosis will drastically improve your chances, and for this reason we are more than happy to cover the costs of ultrasound screenings for our employees,” said Ines Silva, Chief Human Resources Officer at MAPFRE Malta.
MAPFRE Malta encourages everyone to join this noble initiative and help raise awareness because, in reality, breast cancer is everyone’s concern. Going forward, the company will continue to support the initiative and spread awareness throughout the month.
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