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MAPFRE promotes preventive action against coronavirus

A global action plan is being rolled out by the Corporate People and Organization Area and the Corporate Security and Environmental Division (DISMA), the objectives of which are twofold – firstly, to provide information and raise awareness about coronavirus within the company, with recommendations for its prevention; and secondly, to promote specific measures to be taken in the relevant countries.
The prevention actions and measures for MAPFRE colleagues include the distribution of masks and other additional hygiene measures; taking the temperatures of employees before entering facilities; and employees in administrative areas working remotely.
Along with the measures undertaken to protect people from the coronavirus, DISMA colleagues are also analysing the potential impact of coronavirus on MAPFRE's operations in an effort to ensure business continuity and the smooth provision of their services.
As part of their preventive action plan, MAPFRE have also published an internal report, which contains everything one would need to know about coronavirus, including – what it is, how it emerged, World Health Organization (WHO) protocol, how it is diagnosed and recommendations for its prevention.
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