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Official inauguration of MSV’s Customer Service Centre

A plaque to commemorate the inauguration was blessed by Rev. Fr. Alfred Xuereb SJ.

During his visit, the Minister, accompanied by MSV Life’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. David G. Curmi toured the premises, and had the opportunity to meet staff located at these offices.

In his address, Mr. Frederick Mifsud Bonnici, chairman of MSV Life, said that "the opening of MSV’s new Customer Service Centre is the final phase of the thorough and complex restructuring of MSV Life which started in 2010 and which has successfully led to the transformation of the company into a stand-alone, self-sufficient life insurance company."

Mr. Mifsud Bonnici added that “with over 100,000 policies and 80,000 policyholders, MSV Life is the leading life insurance company in Malta. The company places its customers at the heart of its business and continuously seeks to provide the best possible experience to its customers’. This one million euro project is a clear sign of the importance which the company gives to its customers.”

Established on the 2nd September 1994, MSV is the leading provider of life protection, long term savings and retirement planning in Malta. MSV is jointly owned by Bank of Valletta p.l.c. and Middlesea Insurance p.l.c, a member of the MAPFRE Group. From this new Centre the company will increase its accessibility to existing and prospective customers by providing an uninterrupted eight to five one-stop-shop for all client servicing and for financial advice on life insurance, savings and investment requirements.

In his address, Minister Tonio Fenech mentioned Malta’s accomplishments in the financial services and insurance sectors in recent years. Whilst congratulating MSV Life for its achievements, the Minister added that ‘notwithstanding the international financial turmoil, Malta is still experiencing satisfactory growth in the financial sector thanks to companies such as MSV Life’. Whilst commenting on the number of new jobs that MSV Life created over the past two years, the Minister concluded by stating that it was very positive to see that MSV Life is not only contributing towards the success of the economy through the generation of jobs but it is embracing and practicing strong values of corporate social responsibility’.

MSV Life plc is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to carry on long term business under the Insurance Business Act 1998. COM No. 101012

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