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Simple and Secure Single Premium Investment

Simple and Secure Single Premium Investment

Our range of Investment Plans can offer capital protection and attractive bonus rates through participation in the MSV With Profits Fund. The With Profits Fund is a time-tested, reliable and tax efficient method of investment which offers smoothed investment returns over time.

These type of Investment Plans offer:

  • Option to choose how much you want to invest.
  • Excellent potential for a tax efficient stable medium to long-term capital growth.
  • Peace of mind through a traditional and reliable way of investing, as well as access to award winning investment fund managers.
  • Options to top-up your investments with additional lump sums.
  • Flexibility to make partial withdrawals.
  • Ability to receive a regular income through withdrawal of bonuses.
  • Option to designate beneficiaries to receive the value of the plan directly upon your death.

Single Premium Plan

The Single Premium Plan is a lump sum investment plan which invests in the With Profits Fund. A With-profits investment smoothes the return on your money by spreading the profits over good and bad years.

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