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Insurance to Protect Your Loans

Insurance to Protect Your Loans

Some of our most costly assets are also the ones that we cannot afford to live without such as homes, for which most of us require the need of loans in order to fulfil its payment throughout our lifetime. However, have you ever considered how your dependants would manage to pay off the loan should something happen to you? Loan protection ensures that your loans will still be paid in your absence, thereby ensuring peace of mind that your loved ones will still have a roof over their heads, even during the most difficult of times.

Loan Protection Plan

The Loan Protection Plan aims to repay any outstanding home loan on your death. This means that you are safe in the knowledge that the roof over your partner and children’s heads is safe even when you are no longer around.

Protection Plan

The Protection Plan has been designed provide an immediate tax-free payment to whoever you decide on your death. It helps you maintain your family’s standard of living and keep your children in their current school and fund their future needs.

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