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Child Savings Plan

Flexi Plan

A flexible savings plan specially designed to help you put something aside to make your child’s dreams come to life as they grow. It is a precious gift for a child, grandchild or young loved one, and a great way to teach your child about the value of saving. The Plan offers valuable capital guarantees at maturity, and access to part of the savings over the years.

  • To provide you with a medium to long term tax-efficient investment and a tax-free cash sum by the time the child is 25 years old.
  • To pay a nominal Death Benefit of 101% of the Plan value to you, your estate, or a designated beneficiary upon the death of the Person Covered before the Plan term expires.
  • To give you access to some of your savings during the policy’s term which you may use to help you with ongoing expenses related to the child.
  • To give you the flexibility of changing the amounts you pay in to reflect your changing circumstances over time.
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