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Child Savings Plan

Flexi Plan

A flexible savings plan specially designed to help you put something aside to make your child’s dreams come to life as they grow. It is a precious gift for a child, grandchild or young loved one, and a great way to teach your child about the value of saving. The Plan offers valuable capital guarantees at maturity, and access to part of the savings over the years.

  • What you might get back will depend on our investment performance and the bonuses we add.
  • The rate of future bonuses is not guaranteed and may change over the years. Your Plan’s value will be less than illustrated if the bonuses declared are lower than illustrated.
  • If you cash in your Plan early you may receive less than the value of your Policy Account. This will happen either as a result of surrender charges in the early years, or if we are forced to apply a Market Value Reduction (MVR). A MVR may be applied if the value of our investments falls suddenly, but only if you cash in the Plan before the end of its term.
  • Your circumstances may change and force you to cash in your Plan. If you cash in your Plan before the end of the term, you may not get back as much as you invested due to the effect of charges.
  • The returns you get on With Profits investments depend on a number of factors, including:
  • The return on investments in our underlying With Profits Fund;
  • The way we distribute any profits in the Fund;
  • Factors beyond our control, such as tax and the effect of inflation;
  • Profits and/or losses from non-participating plans (other than unit-linked plans) which are also part of the With Profits Fund;
  • The cost of meeting any guarantees that we provide.
  • Inflation will reduce the real future value of any cash sum.
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