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Unit Linked Savings Plan

Unit Linked Saving Plan

PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL - The Unit Linked Savings Plan can help make your future more rewarding. You have complete independence and control to tailor the plan to suit your personal circumstances:

  • Control - you decide how much to save, even opting to change the amount in the future. You also decide where to invest.
  • Flexibility - you can increase or decrease your contributions, stop for up to 5 years, then start saving again.
  • Freedom - no matter what your work or life circumstances might be, the Unit Linked Savings Plan will continue to work for you because it is in your name and for your own benefit.
  • Choice - Although the minimum term of the plan is 10 years, you are free to decide at what age you would like to access your plan’s benefits.
  • Independence - the Plan is designed to pay you a lump sum to spend or invest as you wish.
  • To make regular savings for the life of the Policy. Your employer can also make savings on your behalf.
  • To keep the Policy invested until you choose to take your benefits.
  • To invest for the long term and to review your contributions on a regular basis.
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